25 невероятных пешеходных переходов

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3 - копияYour first thought when thinking about a pedestrian crossing is boring plain white lines right? When our urban environments are surround by lifeless concrete sometimes we need to express ourselves artistically and go outside the guidelines. These boring pedestrian crossing have been transformed into inspiring Street Art and Advertising.

By turning a plain pedestrian crossing into something eye catching and unusual can be a great way to advertise various companies and works well when highlighting impressive works of street art some people may not notice elsewhere.

Street art can sometimes be interpreted as offensive and illegal, but these 28 Unbelievable Pedestrian Crossing Street Art showcase some fun and colorful ideas. Checkout these latest street art crossings from around the world!

1. Domino Crosswalk

2. Crosswalk That Tells You To Look Both Ways

3. Floating Pedestrian Crosswalk

4. Fun Green And White Crosswalk In Minesota

5. Rail track And Bullet Crosswalk By Artist Roadsworth

6. North American Giant Footprint

7. Oakland Chinatown Criss-Crossed Crosswalk

8. McDonald’s Crosswalk Ads In Switzerland

9. Jumbled Up Crossing In Serbia

10. Clever Crosswalk Advertisement ” Speed And You’ll End Up Behind Bars”

11. Musical Piano Choppen Crossing

12. I Love You Crosswalk In China, Perfect For Lovers And Wedding Photos

13. Peanut Abbey Road Snoopy Crosswalk

14. Cutlery Crosswalk In Yorkton

15. Colorful Wynwood Ways Crosswalk In Miami

16. Crosswalk Design Sentieri Art In New York

17. Musical Bar Crosswalk


18. Amazing Crosswalk In Highlandtown

19. A Somewhat Morbid Crosswalk Add For A Funeral Home

20. Half Zipped Zipper Crosswalk In Baltimore

21. A Checkered Flag Crosswalk In From Of The Charlotte NASCAR Hall OF Fame

22. A Cheerfull Crossing In Front Of An Elementary School

23. Bubble Crosswalk In Slovenia

24. An Upbeat Rainbow Crosswalk In Vancouver

25. Moving Crosswalk In North Carolina

26. Fun Hopscotch Crosswalk In Baltimore

27. Fish-bone Crosswalk By Street Artist Roadsworth



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